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Micro Point Panels extensions are unlike anything else currently on the
market because it uses Cyberhair. Now, you can have a fabulous new style in less
time than it takes to get a trim. Panels is 100% Cyberhair and can be used to
add length, volume and highlights. Panels by Cyberhair lasts 4 weeks with
proper care and can be easily removed.
U.S. Patent #7,533,676/World Wide Patent Pending.

Healthy Alternative

Micro Point Panels is the lightest weight panel extension on the market be-
cause it utilizes feather light Cyberhair. It attaches in a simple 3 step process. A
Micro Point Solutions certified trained professional can give you Micro Point Sim-
plicity by Cyberhair on the back and sides of your hair in under one hour, adding
body and volume to your own growing hair.


Micro Point Solutions® is the only extension on the market using Cyberhair®, the most
lightweight hair available that loves water! It is a created hair that looks and feels like
human hair, wet or dry. Cyberhair® is feather light, many times stronger than natural
growing hair, and has moisture content and style memory, allowing you freedom to
be as active as you’ve always been. Think about having thousands of new strands of
hair to comb, brush and style.